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license info: California Residential Expert Broker

Dreaming of the way life could be? Here is the strength of service for you; we represent beach homes for sale for Buyer's as a Buyer's Broker, in a comprehensive fiduciary that protects your precious time and money. We work for you with your Buyer's Bill of Rights already installed as part of my business plan because I seek to be hired with agreement secured by a retainer. Working without the commodity of a retainer is not in your best interest and here's why: your Broker will not have the responsibility or the resources to do the job. Work with professionals and have a serious warriors to negotiate on your behalf with a buyer's broker hired by agreement secured by retainer.

Do you want the best deal your money can buy? My advice is to not monkey around with the listing/seller's agent/broker who work exclusively for the seller.

In other words, with your proactive stance of hiring your Buyer's Broker up front with an agreement secured by retainer protects you from watered down information and arms you with the
details you need to save you both time and money in your purchase. Protect your capital realization with an innovative thinking Broker, mature, neighbor of Pepperdine University and experienced with a Buyer's Broker business plan. I know the inventory and have a great references. Confidential inquiries respected, per CL mail relay. Please provide your bank reference that can be verified for expedited service. We work by agreement, secured by retainer.

After close of escrow, join us enjoying the broad smiles on yours and your loved ones faces, who by now are beach home owners in Malibu, California, the ultimate address for a luxurious and safe lifestyle by the shore.
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