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If you are late to the FIFA living arrangement search, you may be in luck. Good news: there is an inexpensive room waiting for you. Not so good: there is a family (my family) staying in the other room.

A two room apartment: one bedroom (for you), one living room (we cram in there to make space for you), one kitchen, one hall, one restroom, one bathroom, two balconies (see photos).

Amenities: A queen-size bed (or a little larger, I'm not good with that stuff), full(ish) use of kitchen (microwave oven, dishwasher), nice bathroom, restroom, washing machine, dryer (if necessary), an iron and an ironing board, free wifi.

Family: husband and wife, their one-year-old baby boy (I know I am biased, but he's kind of cute, smart, rather friendly and amazingly obedient for his age). If you are supersensitive to nighttime disturbances, you may want to consider other options. For the rest of us my son shouldn't be a problem (he's got eight teeth and none are coming out anytime soon). We speak fluent English.

Location: Moscow suburb called Krasnogorsk. It is close to Moscow proper, but the rush hour traffic is terrible. Lucky for you there is a train station within walking distance (approx. 15 min.) Two stops later (10 min.) you are within walking distance from Otkritie Arena a.k.a. Spartak Stadium (matches schedule https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otkritie_Arena#2018_FIFA_World_Cup), though it might be easier to ride one stop in the subway. If the game is in Luzhniki Stadium (matches schedule https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luzhniki_Stadium#2018_FIFA_World_Cup), you transfer to Moscow subway system and get there with the rest of fans. Same way to any other place in Moscow. We may come to some arrangements with me driving you around in Ford Focus if you prefer such things.

Our expectations of you: 1-3 persons (if you are comfortable sharing one room, though there is a balcony...). Absolutely no smoking allowed inside the apartment (and it'd be nice if you are a non-smoker). Absolutely no drinking of alcoholic beverages inside the apartment, returning a little (little!) buzzed is frowned upon, but acceptable. We don't have a breathalyzer, but we reserve the right not to admit you in the (paid and all) apartment if you are clearly wasted. Absolutely no illegal substances allowed in the apartment (and we haven't legalized weed in Russia). When our son is asleep, we expect you to be considerate (not completely silent, but also not telling real knee-slapping stories with peals of laughter). So we basically want you to be "nice". We'll try our best to be the same.


One night stay 1 person 3000 rubles ($48), 2 persons 3500 rubles ($56), 3 persons 4000 rubles ($64).
Two nights stay 1 person 5400 rubles ($87), 2 persons 6000 rubles ($96), 3 persons 6600 rubles ($106).
Three nights stay 1 person 7500 rubles ($120), 2 persons 8000 rubles ($128), 3 persons 8500 rubles ($136).

One week stay 1 person 15000 rubles ($241), 2 persons 16000 rubles ($257), 3 persons 17000 rubles ($273).

One month stay 1 person 50000 rubles ($802), 2 persons 53000 rubles ($850), 3 persons 56000 rubles ($899).

Contact info: Text me first, if you could. Call if I don't respond in timely manner. Watsapp, Viber, Telegram (though the last one is technically being blocked in Russia, it still seems to work).
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