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I provide high-quality, researched and edited blogs and web copy.

If you have a website that does not have user-generated content (and most websites don't!) one of the only ways to keep your website fresh and reliable in the eyes of Google and other search engines is to keep regularly publishing new content. This can be a tiring task for entrepreneurs and web developers already wearing a dozen different hats; however, if you don't take your content seriously, you run the risk of publishing what users will regard as blogspam. This can negatively affect your brand.

I write content that is not only interesting and engaging, I also make sure links to high-value external sources (like major news outlets) as well as having backlinks to your own website and relevant content. You want to make sure this is done in a way that is natural and helpful to your reader--not in a way that reads as self-serving to your website at the expense of good content!

For a rate that is at the low-end of what is recommended by the Editorial Freelancer's Association, I can guarantee you on-time delivery of quality, readable blogs that will both aid your metrics and increase the user experience.

Message me today with details of your needs and I will get back to you with some writing samples and my rate.
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