добавить в избр. Are you looking for a good Tarot reader but dont like the big price??? скрыть эту публ. показать

You can get your angel card /egyptian tarot/normal tarot reading starting from just 10 $. My name is Lera and i own a page on Facebook called Read With An Angel . I have lots of reccomendations from people that have recieved their readings and were left shocked and satisfied . The difference between me and a usual tarot reader is that i DO NOT sweeten your reading up saying that everything will be col and sweet . If you have problems ill tell you about them and let you know their solutions ! I also do money spells , cleansing spells and more however i DO NOT doo binding and love spells . Its a waste of time guys . I love what i do . It is also a family passed gift . https://www.facebook.com/AngelCards16/?fref=ts this is my page . Have a look and reassure yourself that this is not a scam! Have a blessed day :)
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